care for you bolo

If this is your first bolo, please be familiar with the clip on the back. If you slide the pendant without unlocking the clip it will scratch the leather cords. To lock the pendant you will flip the flap back down where you want your pendant to lay

To keep your bolo looking lovely we recommend:

  • Hanging your bolo for storage to keep ends straight and eliminate curving. Hanging with the pendant at the bottom of the necklace will add weight to the ends to help straighten cords
  • Store your bolo away from sunlight, water, and pets
  • Brass pendants will need a shine after some time. We love polishing with BRASSO (Amazon or local hardware store) and a soft cloth. Many enjoy the antique look of the brass and choose not to polish
  • Invest in a leather protectant for your leather, we love MOO BUZZ which is all natural
  • Scratches on the leather cords do occur with this type of style naturally. To minimize this try to clamp the clips in the same spots, and when adjusting the pendant. move with the grooves of leather gently the best you can.


Every bolo has a lifetime warranty to be replaced if there are ever any issues. Please email me at with any questions and concerns.