meet the mama, the maker

thank you for stopping by this little slice of my world. i'm so happy you are here! each piece is handmade from our texas home to yours. November Maker was born to make meaningful pieces for milestones, special occasions, and the sweet everythings in-between. i'm honored and humbled to create customized pieces for you- to love, gift, and celebrate. and to be able to be a part of these moments, is everything that makes my heart happy. 

i love sharing my story because it's never too late to start over, change professions, and YES it's possible to make your creative dreams come true. before kids, I had a career in hospitality and managing restaurants/bar for over a decade. after kids, I switched careers to fashion to work as a stylist so I could stay home and raise heath + jack. i started creating leather pieces and wanted to breathe new life into leather accessories, which brings us here to today.

when I am not creating for NM, you can find me in the kitchen cooking, crafting, usually daydreaming of the next project/design. my husband is the absolute best, and I couldn't do it all without him, jesus, and coffee....lot's and lot's of coffee. thank you for shopping small and i hope you leave with pieces you love, or feel inspired.

xo, stacy and all the boys